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Heyware Presents: Rolf Adamsen at Call & Contact Centre Expo 2018

Claim your free ticket to Call And Contact Centre Expo 2018 for a chance to catch Rolf on stage in London, March 21st-22nd!

We’re at Heyware are excited to present Rolf Adamson, Senior Vice President of Yousee, as he shares how high performing organisations utilize quality and knowledge processes to deliver customer centric experiences.

In his seminar, How High Performing Organizations Increase CSAT While Reducing Costs, Rolf delivers practical, hands-on examples of how to approach implementation of effective quality and knowledge processes in a cost effective manner.


If you want to achieve consistently high customer satisfaction, this is a seminar you can not afford to miss.

Meet the Speaker: Rolf Adamsen

Rolf comes from a background dedicated to quality customer experiences. His background includes a former position as Regional Director of Central Europe at the global consulting company COPC Inc. and several top management positions within the contact center industry.

At Yousee, the largest Danish telecommunication company, Rolf developed a significant change program entitled “Doing Things Right”, driven to transform Yousee into a customer focused performance organization.

Rolf brings together his extensive experience to deliver one insightful, can’t miss seminar at Call & Contact Center Expo 2018.



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Get the details:

Session: How High Performing Organizations Increase CSAT While Reducing Costs

Location: Seminar Theater 10

Times: Wednesday, March 21st at 11.00am

Thursday, March 22nd at 12:30pm

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