Why Heyware?

understanding your customers experience
We truly believe that understanding your customers experience is the key element in deliver a superior customer experience.
delivering a superior customer experience
We truly believe that
delivering a superior customer experience provides the differentiating
knowledge will empower you to take the right decisions
We truly believe that
knowledge will empower you to take the right decisions, enhancing your customer experience will give your company the edge.

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Date: Tuesday, February 26, 2019
Time: 2:00 PM GMT

Webinar Event

This seminar will provide you with insights into how high performing, customer centric organisations work with quality and knowledge processes in contact centers. These processes ensure consistent high levels of Customer Satisfaction as well as provide insights into the drivers of business performance.

Learn how the quality processes can address both agent level issues as well as identify valuable business intelligence that, when provided properly to the correct parts of the organisation, will allow your company to address issues impacting your business.

This is a live webinar but if you can’t make the live session register anyway and we’ll send you a link to the recording.

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Agent Lifecycle Gives You a Full Overview

Heyware has developed the Agent Lifecycle© dashboard, which contains all data from an employee’s recruitment to their ongoing performance metrics. It gives a full overview and you can follow employees in cohorts to see how well the improvement initiatives are working.

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Agent Lifecycle
transaction monitoring platform Userinsights

Our Transaction Monitoring Platform Supports Best Practices Methodologies

Heyware has developed the transaction monitoring platform Userinsights©. Existing QA software handle expensive errors on agent level however most occur on a process level.

Did you know that studies show that almost 75% of all errors that are made in the contact center is non-agent related? They are instead derived from the company policies and procedures, systems or from the customers themselves. The software supports best practices methodologies and provides easy management overview at execution level.

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Calibrate Your Monitoring Teams

Continuous calibrations of the people monitoring the teams are very important. The results from the performance analyses will never be better than the quality with which the notes and entries the Quality Team and the Team Leaders make.

Though a vigorous process of calibration, your monitors will be provided with the tool to collect and track data across all your different types of transactions – ensuring that you can capture the voice of your customer.

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Calibrate Your Monitoring Teams
Industry Leading Adaptive Learning System

Industry Leading Adaptive Learning System

Heyware has developed an adaptive learning platform with technology from the industry leader of adaptive learning systems, Area9. The learning system is integrated with our transaction monitoring system and when an agent fail a monitoring session, the team leader can select which recharge courses the agent will go through until next session. Because it’s adaptive on acquiring new knowledge or recharge existing knowledge the time spent can be reduced with up to 50%.

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