We truly believe that understanding your customers experience is the key element in deliver a superior customer experience.
We truly believe that delivering a superior customer experience provides the differentiating factor.
We truly believe that knowledge will empower you to take the right decisions, enhancing your customer experience will give your company the edge.
We deliver some of the tools that will give you this knowledge and empower your organization to take decisions based on facts and data.

Our Team Members

Jes Duus

Jes has been with Apple in Denmark for 5 years now and he has also held a position as CEO for an Apple Premium Reseller Eplehuset in Denmark & Norway. Prior to this Jes has worked on the head quarter for both ECCO Shoe A/S and McDonald’s as leader in many years.

Peter Hauge Jensen

Peter has an extensive background within the Contact Center industry. His latest executive position within the industry was as Managing Director for the Danish subsidiary of the Nordic contact centre company GoExcellent (now Webhelp).

Nikolaj Thune Jacobsen

Nikolaj also has an extensive background within the contact centre industry. His latest position was Head of Operation in the insurance company Tryg. Prior to this position he held top management positions in LN Eurocom, GoExcellent and Transcom.

team-member-Kasper Kjærgaard.png
Kasper Kjærgaard
Executive Account Manager

Kasper has recently joined the team and comes with many years of experience from the Contact Center and CRM software industry. Before joining Heyware, Kasper has sold and implemented more than 100+ CRM and Service Desk platforms within the Private and Public sector, which gives him an excellent understanding of the challenges delivering superior customer experience to our client's end customers.

Bo Amdal Andersen

Bo has been the CEO for Unica Net for the last four years. Prior to this position he has an extensive background within IT industry as consultant, manager and co-founder of eMediator.

Dennis Lukowski Andersen
Head of development

Dennis is an incredibly competent developer and is chief architect of the Userinsights system. He has been chief developer for Unica Net for the last 3 years.

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