Our Solutions

Heyware has developed an adaptive learning platform with technology from the industry leader of adaptive learning systems, Area9.

The learning system is integrated with our transaction monitoring system and when an agent fail a monitoring session, the evaluator can select which recharge courses the agent will go through until next session. Because it’s adaptive on individuals acquiring new knowledge or recharge existing knowledge the time spent can be reduced with up to 50%.

Studies shows that employees can be between 20-40% “unconsciously incompetent” in critical competencies that they are required to master in order to perform their jobs. Employees who are “unconsciously incompetent” about product features (or about any aspect of work) are a huge liability and an obstacle to unleashing the full potential of your business.

Adaptive learning technologies can highlight where the employees have knowledge gaps and remediate these areas. That will increase overall competence and reduce liability, improving both company financial performance and the society at large areas.


Adaptive Learning

Continuous self-assessment is shown in the picture to the right. Learners rate how well they think they know a given piece of content (i.e. how confident they are) before the answer is revealed or a task is performed.

The data from the self-assessment (along with other signals) are used to adapt and individualise the experience.

This ensures that learners are not only proficient, but also fully confident in their knowledge and skill.

70% of what people learn is forgotten within 24 hours. Recharge ensures the appropriate rehearsal of material that employees are likely to forget after initial exposure.

By modeling each learner’s individual forgetting curve for critical knowledge, adaptive learning ensures that employees are re-exposed to specific material just before they are about to forget it.

The Platform

We believe in creating a tool that is easy to access, easy to use and easy to administrate. The tool is based on user feedback and extensive experience working with performance management processes in contact centers, retail environments, social media – we have more than 40 years of combined experience in customer touch point management.

We have made this platform as we have not found what we are looking for in the market today. All tools we have encountered are all about fixing agents – what we want is to identify defective processes and fix them. This is what Userinsights enables you to do

We deliver the framework for you to use. We will train your staff in how to administrate the tool – giving you the access and ease of use with having to issue change requests or tickets to do what you want.

Userinsights is a cloud solution, accessed through the web – no installment needed. Simply use a browser and you can use the tool.


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