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Case Story: Yousee

Danish telecom company YouSee had a quality management problem.


In the 90s, YouSee was the only Danish national telecom provider, and enjoyed a 100% market share. Now, they serve about 45% of all Danish households. As more competition has been introduced, they started seeing more and more customers terminating contracts.


But why?


One year ago, the executive team carried out an extensive review of their services to decide what to do about the rate they were hemorrhaging customers at. It had to stop. The first step was to change how they were measuring the quality of customer experience.


Rolf Adamson, Senior Vice President of YouSee, shared with us how Heyware helped them transform their quality management team into a business intelligence team, with massive returns on investment.



Redefining what Quality meant to YouSee


Previously YouSee was investing a significant amount of time and energy into quality, but seeing very little result. Customer satisfaction wasn’t improving, and customers were still churning. The reason, Rolf says, was that their definition of quality was flawed. They were focusing on the quality of the product from a “we” perspective. “We” made this product, “we” delivered such and such MB per second download speed. We’ve done a good job - and if the customer doesn’t like it, the customer is wrong.


But the customer doesn’t care what your company thinks. They have their own idea of what they want their experience to look like - and that’s the post your business is measured on.  


As Rolf explained, “The perception of quality from the customer’s perspective wasn’t embedded in the way we worked.” As a result, even as the measure of quality increased, the business results weren’t showing a similar improvement. Quality management wasn’t providing a return on investment and customers were just as likely to switch providers as ever.


Quality Program

When YouSee implemented Heyware last year, they redefined how they approach quality. Now, Rolf explains, they start with the perspective of the customer, and ask why. “If the customer doesn’t like something, it’s not their problem - it’s our problem.”


Their new quality management program acts as a listening post for customer feedback:

  • How are customers feeling about a recent change?
  • Why is this product selling/not selling?
  • What are the main drivers of customer satisfaction in the contact center?

Instead of using quality management as a checklist for agents to follow, quality management started generating business intelligence data that was helpful to the entire company.


Business Intelligence



Focus on quality of experience, not quality of agents


A big shift in YouSee’s thinking has been to change the focus of quality management away from correcting agents. Like most quality assurance programs, they had been using a checklist of behaviours for agents to follow. Call monitoring focussed on coaching agents to improve their call handling skills.


But when you’re running a team of hundreds of agents, coaching them one by one is fighting a losing battle. Plus, the employee’s skills are rarely the biggest issue affecting customer satisfaction. We’ve previously estimated that 75% of customer experience issues are process driven.


“Fixing agents is trying to fix the past,” quips Rolf. “It means we hired the wrong people, or trained the wrong way.” Coaching is focused on correcting agent behaviours that were built in the past - and it’s not an effective way of improving the customer experience.


Now, YouSee’s quality program looks beyond the agent’s handling skills to identify process issues. Listening to what customers are calling in about, and what drives poor experiences has helped YouSee evolve their processes to be more customer centric. Changing the customer experience at a higher level has a business wide impact - rather than incremental improvements agent by agent.


Fixing the process is fixing the future. Now every agent can work the right way, because they are following the best processes designed to improve the customer experience.



Categorizing quality issues from a customer’s perspective


YouSee uses Heyware’s Userinsights platform and 9 step quality management framework to  categorize issues from a customer perspective, instead of from a business perspective.


While YouSee still follows the same quality assurance program they used to (listen to calls, coach agents, etc.) their quality monitoring data is now compiled to identify and resolve process issues. Their issue categorization method focuses on the underlying cause and asks the questions: What can we improve from listening to customer calls? And why are customers calling us in the first place?


For example, Rolf looked at the quality management data from their sales calls and realized that only about 6% of customer sales were converted by the agent. The majority of “sales” calls were just simple order taking - the customer had already decided to purchase. “That meant we could dedicate resources differently to be more effective. Order taking requires less training and fewer selling skills than outbound sales.” Rolf explains. “Previously, our agents weren’t motivated to try and sell with the targets they had because they felt like they didn’t have that big of impact on sales anyways. And they were right! We adjusted the sales targets for the inbound sales team after seeing the data from User Insights.”



The results, one year in


YouSee has seen phenomenal success as a result of their new focus on quality. “Using Heyware’s Userinsights platform, we can drill down and determine which policy is a driver of dissatisfaction,” says Rolf. This has helped direct their attention to which policies they need to change.


And they’ve made big changes fast. In one year, their recall rate (the number of customers who call back with an unresolved issue) was reduced by 17%.


YouSee receives 6.5 million contacts by phone annually. For them, 17% fewer callbacks is equivalent to the output of 120 full time staff members. Rolf is thrilled at the reduction. “This was the cost of poort quality. We now have the data to understand that and quantify it.”  He estimates that in the first year alone they’ve seen a 50x ROI in their new quality management program.


Finally, the quality management team has become the guiding light for YouSee’s customer experience initiatives. Now, YouSee’s quality team has the final say over a product launch. They run every initiative against the customer journey to determine if it’s ready to go. “If it has a negative impact on the customer,” states Rolf proudly, “we need to fix it first.”


Heyware’s User Insights data analysis platform allowed YouSee’s quality management program to answer business critical “why?” questions - just by listening to contact center transactions more effectively.



Improve business by improving quality with Heyware


Using the right tool helps businesses like YouSee move their quality management programs beyond co-listening. As Rolf explains, “We wanted to do the right thing, but we were incapable of it a year ago. We were forced to fix agent by agent.”


One year after implementing Heyware, they’re able to directly improve their business by improving quality. And for the first time in 12 years, YouSee have seen an increase in customer satisfaction.  


As Rolf says, “A focus on quality pays off.”


Learn how Heyware can help your team move beyond co-listening. Download our free e-book now.


Special thanks to Rolf Adamson for sharing YouSee’s story with us, and for use of his slides from his talk at Call and Contact Center Expo 2018.