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Sep 13 / 2018 | 0 Comments

Kasper Kjærgaard, Executive Account Manager

ProfilBusiness is blooming at Heyware A/S and therefore we’ve chosen to strengthen our fantastic team with Kasper Kjærgaard, who will be our Executive Account Manager at Heyware. Kasper is a driven business consultant with many years of sales experience within the Call Center and Software industry.


At Heyware we are looking into a bright and interesting future helping global organizations delivering superior customer experience utilizing the software platform Userinsights.


Userinsights moves beyond the traditional Quality Monitoring tools and allows you to track which process are driving a poor customer experience. Userinsights delivers actionable analytics that your organization will be able to direct actions upon.


Contact details:

Kasper Kjærgaard, Executive Account Manager

Phone: +45 53 55 98 44



Learn more about Kasper here.