Our Solutions

Understand how often your customers inquiries are resolved and when they are not – why not.

Userinsights moves beyond the traditional Quality Monitoring tools and allows you to track which process are driving a poor customer experience. Userinsights delivers actionable analytics that your organization will be able to direct actions upon.

Userinsights will not only enable you to understand the customers experience, it will provide data on why customers contact you as well as data on how to move your contacts to your channel of choice.

Userinsights allows you to identify areas of your operational processes that are not functioning optional. With data you will know be able to trace back defects in your recruitment, training and onboarding processes as well as your knowledge management processes.

Fix a process and you fix the future – fix only agents and you are fixing a past problem you created in the first place.

Transaction Monitoring
Quality Monitoring

Quality Monitoring

It is all about looking at your organization from the customer’s perspective. It’s about understanding how your organization is designed to turn its customer touch points into a listening post.

Your touch points will provide you with all the date you need to understand how you truly treat your customers and why they have the need to contact you at all – Userinsights collects this data and provides you with data on what action to take.

Resolving a customers issue is the main driver to customer satisfaction – they contact you for a reason. Understand why and how well your organization dealt with the resolving that issue.

Userinsights provides you with a framework for quality based on resolving customers inquiries – doing the right thing, providing resolution. It will support your monitors, ensuring a common method to measure quality and at the same time capture valuable data that will identify why it was not possible to resolve an issue.

The Platform

We believe in creating a tool that is easy to access, easy to use and easy to administrate. The tool is based on user feedback and extensive experience working with performance management processes in contact centers, retail environments, social media – we have more than 40 years of combined experience in customer touch point management.

We have made this platform as we have not found what we are looking for in the market today. All tools we have encountered are all about fixing agents – what we want is to identify defective processes and fix them. This is what Userinsights enables you to do

We deliver the framework for you to use. We will train your staff in how to administrate the tool – giving you the access and ease of use with having to issue change requests or tickets to do what you want.

Userinsights is a cloud solution, accessed through the web – no installment needed. Simply use a browser and you can use the tool.


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